Saturday, May 19, 2012

Think about it!

You are traveling  down a path it is pleasant and peaceful. You are able to enjoy the sights and sounds of life along with the beauty of God's creation by just taking time to observe. The path ahead is  bright and offers much of that which you have already enjoyed but then you come to a door. The door is appealing but off to the side and closed. There is a sign which states those who open this door will travel a new path. It will either be a path that is similar to that which you have already experienced in your life journey or it will lead to a different life. A life that is foggy where things are all shades of grey with no clear contrast and the final result the destruction of your life both now and for all eternity. However the choice is yours to continue on a path toward the promised blessings of God  by trusting Him and living a separated life or to change course by taking a new path. What will you do? Many have advised that the new path will be similar with no major changes since God would want you to be allowed to do things your way. Few advise to not leave the straight path you are on and to trust God and live to a higher standard. But the choice remains yours, what will you do? The current path is clearly the safest but you think surly God will not mind your changing and if you are wrong will forgive you anyway.
Now what would you do if it was a physical choice?  Stay on safe path or change to a path that will either be similar or result in your death. Most would say that only a crazy person would chose to change course. So what then is the difference between the physical and the spiritual decision. Think about it!  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The answer is...

What is the person called who has someone else provide them free food?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free housing?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free medical care?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free transportation?
What is the person called who has someone else provide for them free electricity?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free clothing?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free heating oil?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free education?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free childcare?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free phone?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free police protection?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free trash pickup?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them spending money?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free library use?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free legal representation?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free insurance?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them free admission to parks?
What is the person called who has someone else provide them...? you get the idea.

The answer is.....
Some would say a taxpayer, but if a person is paying all of the taxes imposed on the citizens then whatever they do get is not free to them.
Some would say a child since they are dependent on their family for just about everything, but that does not cover for when the person is an adult.
The only correct answer is a slave, for whenever someone is dependent as an adult on someone else or the government to provide for their needs they are no more than a slave.
But you say they are not wearing chains and are free to make decisions and travel about and do not have to perform any work as slaves normally would. Let us consider that argument by looking at slaves from history of the USA.
The slaves had on more than invisible bonds as they did not wear chains. They too were permitted to marry and have children. They were allowed to travel into town, buy things, attend church services and some masters allowed them to grow extra crops to sell on small pieces of land provided for that use.  They could purchase items with any money they were given or managed to earn in their free time. Slaves were required to work unless too young or old to so since the master and their family also worked if able. Currently the government is not requiring work for taking care of those who they have enslaved but the government as master has control and that can be changed whenever the master decides to do so.
Now you say some do not receive things totally free only partial so at reduced rates/cost.  Then what you have is a partial slave that the government is enticing to surrender into becoming a complete slave. Currently in USA and European countries it is still possible to escape but it is not easy. It is a hard choice for most to make since they have willingly been enslaved so long and have come to accept someone else making decisions for them.    
Are you free or are you a slave?
This carries over into the spiritual side also for those who live in sin are slaves to sin.  Freedom only comes from realizing that one is a slave and acceptance of the payment for freedom offered by God through faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord. Then the power is given by God to break the invisible bonds of sin controlling your life and make you free.


Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hanged on a tree until dead for the sin of the world. Buried in a borrowed tomb. Three days later vacated the borrowed tomb when He arose from the dead. He is alive having paid our sin debt and conquered death so that we might have forgiveness from sin with eternal life. Jesus Christ is alive whether you accept it or not. The key thing is are you willing to accept the payment and allow Him to change you from the inside out. The choice is yours and your eternal destiny is at stake. Chose well for there is no higher price for making the wrong decision.
He lives!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time is not on our side

History shows that with acceptance of career politicians in democratic nations the government has expanded and political power has become concentrated into the hands of elites. Free market principals which permitted average citizens to advance their economic conditions gave way to ever increasing government control and higher taxes to pay for the increasing social programs and government departments to run them. The citizens have grown dependent on the government to provide for them rather than taking personal responsibility and depending only on God.  Laws have been passed to take more and more of our freedoms, financial resources, and independence until personal intuitive has been restrained . The main hook to insure there would be no escape was the institution of national health care. This locks the people in to a perceived total dependence on the government for birth to the grave care and allows the elite to control who gets what level of care, i.e. playing "god". Taxation becomes locked in and the progressives in firm control not only government but the people. Few notice and even fewer care that they have allowed themselves to be chained to government service. Today once great nations are decaying from within due to spiritual apathy, moral relativism, high rates of unemployment, excessive taxation and thanks to the socialist programs,(other than for the connected social elites) just one short step ahead of mutually shared poverty.
In spite of this democratic nations continue to elect leaders who are intent on following the socialist model. People have discovered that they can vote in those who will take from others(taxes) and use the money to benefit them. With each new social program and government funded project, comes an increased tax burden, with staggering national debt. Too many are unaware that debt is simply the mortgaging of the future for immediate gratification. The cost of each spent borrowed dollar is another freedom lost, as with all debt there comes the enviable day it must be repaid. When the default comes there is no filing for bankruptcy protection only the prospect of runaway inflation, and eventual collapse of world economy. We have traveled far down the road of no return, the progressives know the one thing to insure no return was for the USA to implement National Health Care. Once that happens America would become as weak and ineffective as the nations of Europe (this has been passed in the USA and there is small window of time before it is locked into place). Social medicine, high unemployment will lock once independent citizens into complete dependence on the government from the cradle to the grave. "Freedom" will be controlled by the social elites who believe they are wiser than the lowly citizens. The Bible instructs us to pray for those in authority and for the nations who have elected leaders there is no one to blame, not only have we not prayed but we actually voted in those who are enslaving us. Our people must repent and turn to God for His help before it is to late.Time is not on our side. Pray for personal and national repentance that God might intervene before it is to late.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Targeted for destruction

There still exist some groups of people considered by many to be extremely dangerous to the current culture. Therefore they have been targeted for ridicule, character assassination, marginalized, physical intimidation, and assault. Their ideas and speech must be eliminated or at the very least suppressed to private thought not to be shared  with anyone at any time. These horrible individuals making up these groups have many similar beliefs that they live their lives by. Let us look at some of the worst that they accept as true and makes them a problem.
*They actually believe we were created by God rather than evolving  by chance or random circumstance.
*They believe that God has set standards He expects us to live by.
*That homosexuality is perversion and a lifestyle choice that will bring judgment on nations who embrace it.
*That abortion is simply the murder of a human being for convenience.
*That all rights come from God not government.
*That people are responsible for their own decisions not society.
*That children can be taught to exercise self-control.
*That teenagers should not be encouraged to experiment with sex, drugs or other destructive behavior.
*That adults should be expected to honor their commitments and be held accountable for failure to do so.
*That the sexual exploitation of girls and women is absolutely wrong period in any form.
*That learning from history in order to avoid making the same mistakes is necessary.
*That living in a manner that puts the well being of others equal to or above self is to be desired.
*That all children deserve a good education and should be removed from failing schools.
*That open discussion and free speech should be encouraged not silenced.
*That the government should not be forcing people to buy certain products or give up their beliefs.
*In the USA they belief that the Constitution is the law of the land and government rights are limited thereby.
*That judges are not to make laws but to uphold them with true justice.
*That real love is sharing truth not hiding it. 
*That God is the final Judge and all will face him when they die.
*That conservative principles that have proven true should be used as a guide for decision making.

Well you get the idea as to why the "gay" promoters, elitist, progressives, media, labor unions, socialist, and liberal attack groups are bend on wiping out those who dare to disagree with their agenda.  

But they do not realize that it is written that whatsoever you sow you will reap and those who dig pits for others will fall in it at the end.
If you are one who has been silenced because you have been targeted, be silent no more but speak up and force them to have to confront truth. Never forget that God in fact is the only judge that you need to be concerned about and He has provided a way to escape the final judgement for sin.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some thoughts

A person who supports Abortion has not discovered the value of life.

You will learn more by being a good listener than by being a good talker.

A sense of humor is good defense against stress.

Saving faith is the core of liberty, there is no True liberty without it.

You may experience many defeats but you must choose to be defeated.

Two ways to live life, one as if there is no God. The second is that God is the final judge.

A life lived serving others is a life that will be remembered.

Learn from yesterday, live today so there are no regrets tomorrow. Seek each day to grow in faith.

The way to accomplish anything is to turn your talk into action.

Troubles wear us down but overcoming them makes us stronger.

Never give up.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

War on Truth continues

Many do not want to accept what is written in the Bible for several reasons including not thinking it applies to modern times.  Some parts of the Bible is God providing a history of His working with man and then showing His plan for now as well as that which is to come. If studied with precept upon precept and not parts pulled from whole then understanding is obtained(with God helping). The Gay activist would have everyone believe that homosexuality is determined by birth rather than choice. Therefore anytime a homosexual admits that they chose to be "gay" they are attacked by the activist for telling the truth. The activist know that if the truth is spread it will under mind their agenda. They have already succeeded in winning preferred status in different levels of government in democratic nations. Their destructive lifestyle must now be supported by general population. One of the high cost areas is HIV/Aids in which there are only 2 ways to get, the first is from someone who has it already, and the original introduction into society thru homosexual activity which is where the new variations come from today.(This little detail is usually covered up due to political correctness). Therefore the war on the Bible and those who repeat its warnings of homosexual activity simply being sin that will bring the judgement of God on those nations who allow its practice. Remember just because we do not like a fact does not change its truth. HIV/Aids is the only disease that can be wiped out in one generation by just stopping all homosexual activity and isolating and treating those that currently have the virus. Not an acceptable idea today, so many more will contract the virus and die as result. The nations who accept that which God condemns should not be surprised when moral and economic decline end up engulfing their nation. What an enlightened time in which we live. Men just call darkness light and keep stumbling around. I am one who believes that truth is always true and we must speak the truth even when not popular. So the choice is to accept what God says in the Bible or deny it and accept what those who attack it for their own agendas think. I choose that which has stood the test of time over the darkness of those who deceive themselves. What about you?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you content

What or who do you allow to control whether you are happy when things get rough or just seemingly out of control circumstances come your way. Most believe they are unhappy because of the actions or attitudes of those around them. The failure to be happy may be seen by some due to hard financial times, the failure to find good steady employment. For others not being popular and having a lot of friends or party invites is the result of their hard or tough breaks in life. To others it is the failure of their spouse, boy or girl friend to meet their expectations that is cause of unhappiness. Not making enough money or having the right job title is source of unhappiness for many. For a lot of people they could be happy if ... they had the right job, larger  bank account, different spouse, connected friends, perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, larger home in better neighborhood, expensive new automobile, and rich parents. Some would choose to have no problems, no debt, being able to afford any thing they wanted, vacations around the world, or just a vacation home at the beach. Now you might find something listed that you think would ensure your happiness now and over time, however if you look around or read the news you will find that those who are super rich, famous, hold positions of prestige or power have lots of problems and are usually unhappy insecure people. So lets consider the basics.  Being happy long term is not the result of ones circumstances, it has to be something else. When you find someone who is truly a happy person you have found someone who has decided to be content with what they have regardless of their circumstances. It is when we learn to be content with what we have rather than dwelling on what we do not have, that we can obtain happiness regardless of our circumstances. The path to true happiness lies in a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus the Christ who paid the price for our sins. Those who accept by faith His plan for our life will be blessed now and forever. Make study of the Bible and time of prayer the 1st part of your day and you will find the path to real happiness.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Before the end

When your time on this earth is done and you have breathed your last breath how will you be remembered? Will the people you have met along the way have fond memories of their interactions with you?  Maybe they will not even remember you at all or even worst just think another self-centered person has died.  How about your family will they be able to reflect on your life and feel blessed that you were a part of their family. What about your friends will they be saddened that someone who cared so much for others would no longer be a part of their lives. Or would they hardly remember you at all because you were just another leech who was always looking out for yourself. Co-workers and neighbors from over the years would they stop to reflect on a life well lived or have trouble coming up with any kind thoughts or memories of you. As you go through this life have you given any thought to the end or better yet does your words and actions reflect that you have.
If you have not prepared for the end you have an even bigger problem looming when you take that final breath on this earth. God who created you and provided you many opportunities to be a blessing to others and serve Him will be your final judge. God has made a way for all to receive forgiveness of sin and be given a new heart mindset that we might be found faithful to our true purpose. Have you accepted or rejected the forgiveness of sin through His son Jesus the Christ?  The answer to this question will determine how you are remember and where you will spend eternity. The time to prepare for the end is now, are you prepared?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spin or simple lies

Ever wonder how people can respond to a question or issue without answering the question or actually addressing the issue. When someone points out that the response was not on point or spin they simply say that the questioner did not understand the complexity or something similar thereto. It should be an insult when someone tries to evade answering and attempts to cover their deliberate evasion. However we now have a lazy weak minded society that is unable to analysis information, therefore they do not even realize they are being deceived. When someone does not have the ability or intelligence to figure out they are being lied to then it can not be expected that they can make informed decisions. They therefore are not able to counter the distortions and smoke being proffered by liberals or those in the progressive movement. The reason for the lies and distortion is those whose ideas can not stand up to the test of truth or history must resort to deception knowing that those in the media agree and will not expose them. Their cohorts in the government school systems have taught the lies and distorted the facts to a whole generation, so they are now unable to think critically. When a lie is repeated over and over all too often it becomes excepted as fact although it is still a lie. Those who do not find the truth and stand up for that truth will fall for anything. Take a hard look at your society and you will see the basis for this adage.  No examples have been listed to reflect what is being referred to because the truth is actually pretty simple. Those who need the examples are not yet ready to  understand and those who are ready do not need the examples because they have already sensed that the truth is being distorted. This is to encourage the latter group to find the truth and then stand up for the truth no matter what, the former group must first decide they want to see and put in the work required to discover the  truth. Once you see then stand up and make a difference!